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Sometimes, the action is best savored on two wheels. And when it comes to capable two-wheeled machines, Suzuki has an impressive range of motorcycles that’s no less awe-inspiring than their four-wheeled counterparts. From sedate cruisers, scorching hot street models, and intrepid offroad adventurers, there’s a bike that slots in perfectly with the life you lead. Whether you ride for a living or do so as a weekend hobby, let Suzuki Motorcycles of Ventura County cater to your every need. A certified Suzuki dealer located near customers in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, and Riverside, we can’t wait to show you our sprawling inventory filled with the latest Suzuki motorcycle models. But we’re not just about showing stuff, as our Suzuki motorcycle service center uses only genuine Suzuki motorcycle parts to guarantee miles and years of memorable rides. Call now, visit us online to schedule an appointment, or drop by our showroom today.


Long, winding freeways are where you will get to savor true freedom. The experience becomes all the more savory with our selection of Suzuki Cruisers. Combining classic styling and attitude with the latest in motorcycle engineering, these machines were made to roam, taking you on journeys filled with the exhilaration of the open road. There’s nothing like straddling the saddle of the Boulevard series, whether it’s the boldness of the S40, the heritage look of the C50, or the performance of the M109R B.O.S.S. Any one of them is set to devour the miles as effortlessly as the wind blows past you. Visit Suzuki Motorcycles of Ventura County and find a tempting range of Suzuki Cruisers yours for the taking.


The places beyond the tarmac are where the real adventure begins. No street signs, no familiar corners, no landmarks. There’s only one thing to do with the world as one giant sandbox – have unbridled fun. And fun will come easy when you’re in the saddle of a Suzuki Offroad motorcycle. Take your pick among our ruggedly capable models on hand, from the RMX450Z and the DR-Z125L to the DRZ50. You’ll spend hours kicking up grit – even if some of it ends up between your teeth – as you head off to the trails on reliable bikes that have been imbued with Suzuki’s champion motocross DNA. Experience our fine selection of Suzuki offroad adventure models at Suzuki Motorcycles of Ventura County.


When the streets call, you spring into action. And with a Suzuki Street bike, it becomes second nature. Slip into your favorite jacket, strap on those riding boots, and grab your helmet. The city is your domain, and taking charge is as easy as straddling your bike of choice, firing up the ignition, and letting go of the brake as you twist the throttle. Whether it’s day or night, whatever the weather, your Suzuki is bound to make a lasting impression as you ride past. From the old-school elegance of the TU250X, the striking GSX series, to the show-stopping Katana, urban rides just got a lot more exciting. Our range of Suzuki Street models awaits you at Suzuki Motorcycles of Ventura County, so don’t keep them waiting.

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